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Group 2

- When a 256KB CSV is stored into an Berkeley DB table, how much space will the database use?
This depends on the page size, the key size (are some values in each comma separated row the key?), page fill factor, and some minimal amount of meta-data overhead. If compression is used it could be smaller than 256KiB depending on the data and the compression algorithm. Berkeley DB will use more than 256KiB because there is some overhead in indexing the keys + some bytes of per page overhead. The index overhead is dependent on the size of the key, so difficult to estimate. For example, if the keys are small, then the index overhead will be small. Every DB adds some overhead for indexing, page header etc.
- Should I be concerned about the security warning when opening the ADO.NET solution file in Visual Studio 2008?
No - you don't need to be concerned. The warning appears because we auto-generate the build files outside of Visual Studio. There is nothing harmful in our files.

The exact warning message is: "Security warning for System.Data.SQLite.2008"

Group 1

- What are the key benefits of Berkeley DB storage engine?
Many, including:

- Full ACID compliance, proven in millions of deployments
- Local, in-process data storage
- Fine-grained and configurable locking for highly concurrent systems
- Flexible and configurable deadlock detection
- Hot and cold backups, log file archival, and full database dumps
- Scalable to terabytes of data, billions of records
- How do I build with Visual Studio?
Open the Berkeley DB solution in Visual Studio and build the db_sql_shell project. That will produce a binary called dbsql.exe in the directory Win32/{Debug|Release}